Sunday, April 5, 2015


This is the view of the ocean from the Elders apartment

See the large ship going by.

The Elders had a clogged drain.  Every time they showered or used the washer the water came up thru the drain in the floor.  The drain is the black thing under the sink in the floor. Elder Robison took apart the pipes, cleaned them out and used powerful drain cleaner.

Elder Jones, Elder Robison, and Elder Goff turning the washer on and off to make it drain.  The water kept coming up in the tub.  It was really black and nasty.  They poured drain cleaner down the drain and finally got it unclogged.  They just have to keep the plug in the tub so it will go down the right drain. No more water on the floor.  Yeah!!!
Checked out the beach before we drove 2 hours to get home.  Notice I still have on my winter coat.

Great beach looking at Belgium across the water.

Nice sand and hotels.

Elder Robison glad the sun is out but it is still cold.

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