Sunday, November 23, 2014

Moving Zone Leaders to Alkmaar

Elder Cooper and Elder Pouwer moving the washing machine down the skinny steep stairs.

How are we going to get this down this skinny stairway?
Its stuck says Elder Hunter and Elder Bonney!

Looks like this is the only way to get it down.  Better take off the expensive lights.

Elder Pouwer and Elder Robison take it out on the balcony.  By the way this is the little one. There are two of them.

Hoist it up on the railing. They tied ropes to it and lowered it down.  I got a video and will try to post it. Pretty intense.


We parked here and above each stall there is a red or green light to tell you if there is a stall available.

This was a cool clock that the street was under it.

Eating french fries on the street.  They say they were invented here and they should be called Belgium fries.

This is the square and they were putting up the Christmas tree.

The Sisters

Enjoying Belgium Waffels
So many choices but oh so good.

The Butlers and the Van Dams

Elder Robison at the Pannekoken House.  This time he tried the Cherries and ice cream and whip cream.

Elder Evans, Elder Johnson, Elder Bourne and the Van Dams. Two new senior couples arrived Nov. 18th. The Van Dams are going to Den Helder. They are driving there themselves.  He used to be the mission president here so he knows his way around. The Butlers we will take to Eindhoven which is about 2 hours south of here tomarrow. I drove our car with sister Butler and Elder Robison drove their car with Elder Butler.  They were so tried after their trip.  Sister Butler moved to the U.S. from Holland when she was three. Elder Van Dam moved to the U.S. when he was eight.

Bags for Zone conference

The packages on the table are for Christmas.
They will be getiing them the middle of Dec.
 These are the bags I get ready for zone conference.
I put the name of the companionship on the bag and
then fill them with their orders. The boxes are Book
of Mormons.  I also put in their mail and any packages
they get from home.  This is the only time they get
As you can see we have about 82 companionships.

We get more packages everyday.

More orders

These didn't fit in the conference room so they are in my office.

Moving from Bussum to Den Helder

Elder Robinson, Elder Fonger and Elder Bonney using their muscles.

Elder Bonney and Elder Robison 

Elder Pouwer, Elder Robinson and Elder Robison lifting the desk.
President Van der Put and the Elders showing off their muscles.

Elder Fonger, Elder Robinson, Elder Bonney and Elder Pouwer eating lunch after alot of hard work. This was a senior couples apartment we had for 40 something years.  It had alot of stuff in it.  We gave alot of it to a charity shop. Elder Bonney and Elder Pouwer are the zone leaders from Alkmaar.
The truck is full and we are off to Den Helder which is about an hour and a half away.

Elder Price and Elder Da Silva from Den Helder.

After alot of hard work the apartment is ready for the Van Dams.

Newly painted and new floors.

President Van der Put and his wife.  He is a counselor in the stake presidency. He does alot of work in helping us fix up apartments. He is our handy man and can do about anything. He rented the moving truck and drove it up here.  He is wonderful. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014


This is Khalid.  He is one of the lost boys of Sudan. We are his hometeachers. We give him a ride to church every Sunday. 


We heard lots of noise outside and saw this float with lots of Zwarte Piets on it.

They had instraments and were waiting for Sintaklaas to come out.

He was hiding inside from all the kids.

The town square was full of kids waiting for him to come.

Here he comes. He got on the float and they paraded him to the square playing music and singing.

The McGhies

This is Jeffrey and Josie McGhie.  They are in our branch in Wassenaar.  We saw them at the temple on friday.  The session had 16 people.  8 of us had headphones on so we could hear it in English.  The temple is beautiful.  It reminded me of the Palmyra temple.  Afterwards they took us to dinner at a chinese restaurant. The food was great. He is from Alpine, Utah and knew Jacob Luttmer and Ludy and Toontje Vander Hoeven.  Small world isn't it.


The McDonalds here are not quite the same but I found a new favorite dish on the menu

Getting ready for winter

Elder Robison lighting a fireplace pilot  light so the Sister missionaries can be warm.

Here is the fireplace put back together


Driving home from Bussom we saw a beautiful sunset.
The sun was huge.This picuture doesn't do it justice