Sunday, May 31, 2015

More Babies

Jackson has plumped up a bit. No longer 5 lbs. 11 oz.

Aubrey smiling

Eyes open in her Sunday dress

Sleeping sound

Mothers Day photos from Julie all over my office. 
Two cousins meet and fell asleep. 

Dressed up

Brooklyn before her baptism with the Batty family.

Jackson in his blessing outfit and Aubrey looking so cute in her Sunday best.


We ran into the missionaries in Rotterdam.  They were eating lunch at the same place we did.

The Romigs and the Johnsons with Elder Robison eating lunch at Papianos, a pasta and pizza place where they make everything fresh while you wait.

This was an old church

This is called the pencil building

This was the inside of the shopping mall.  This is an apartment on the outside.  You can see all the windows looking down at the mall.

Waiting to go on our harbor cruise.  This is the third largest harbor in the world.

A container ship

Sister Robison, Sister and Elder Johnson, Elder and Sister Romig. We are on the boat.
This building looks like it could fall right off.

Cool bridge with buildings that look like someone playing with blocks.

A space needle and a chinese boat.

Container ship
They have this boat out of the water to work on it.

A small cruise ship

A Holland America Cruise ship leaving port.

Jovo Institute

Daphne, Gail, Eliza, Sister Adams, and Elder Robison eating tacos before institute.

Sister Mashburn, Rodolfo, Benjamin and Simeon.  Ten of us is a good turnout. 

Zone Conference

Sloppy Joes, macaroni and green salad, and Brownies

Sister Robinson, Elder Womeldorf, Sister Cowles, Elder Pouwer, and Pres. Robinson celebrate their birthdays.  We have one minute to tell something about that person.

And of course the birthday song led by Elder Losee.

Mission leader counsel

8 May 2015

Elder Schmidt,  Elder Holt, Pres. and Sister Van de Put, Sister Robbins, Pres, Robinson, Sister Riley, Elder Abankie, Sister Watts, Elder Bernier, Elder Neptune, Elder Nye, Elder Argueta, Elder Strikwerda, Elder Bean, Elder Childs, Elder Steenblik, Elder Bosco, Elder Torniainen, Sister Maughan, Sister Fredrikson, Sister Adams, Sister Thomas, Elder Lee and Elder Ames. 

                                                                        Being Silly

Institute teachers

Willem Kat and Hans Noot.
Here are Willem Kat and Hans Noot.  They are our institute teachers. Brother Kat is from Almere and comes every third wednesday to teach and Brother Noot teaches the rest of the time.  Brother Kat got a new calling so he no longer will be our teacher.  This was his last day.