Sunday, March 22, 2015

Excitement in front of the office

After we got back from lunch an older lady had crashed on her bike.  The Elders ran outside with our first aid kit and used some gauze to wipe the blood off her face. She ended up going to the hospital.  No one knew who she was and someone took her bike and put it somewhere.  A few days later she came to our office with a black eye looking for her bike. I hope she found it because we didn't know where it was.

Elder Isaksen

March 3 we received one new missionary  Elder Isaksen.  We are at the pannenkoeken house for lunch with Elder Johnson and Elder Isaksen, and Elder Bosco.

Elder Bosco and Elder Yocom

Elder Evans,  Elder Robison, President Robinson, Sister Robinson, Elder Johnson, Elder Isaksen, Elder Bosco, Elder Yocom, and Elder Bourne. 

Elder Isaksen is from Norway.  We only received one missionary because the others could not get their visas yet.

Delft Blue Plates

When the missionaries go home they can purchase a plate. They have the mission date and name and all the places they have served.  They can have The Hague Temple. 

Or they can choose a Windmill.  Sister Robinson has put me in charge of this.  I email them the  information forms and then transfer the information to an order form and then collect the money for them. I hasn't been too bad yet because we only had 4 missionaries going home on my last two orders.  In May we have 18 going home and in July we have 28. It will be crazy.  I hope I don't make any mistakes or we will have to mail their plates home and that will be expensive.   

Belgium Yaris

We met the Antwerpen Zone leaders in a parking lot in Gent Belgium.

We needed to turn in their car to the dealer so we decided to wash and wax the car.

It's all clean and vacuumed.  There was a man in the parking lot and he thought we were doing a service project and wondered if he could be next.  We told him what we were doing and he said he had heard about us and had one of our pass along cards and was coming to church one day.
Elder Lyman and Elder Childs getting instructions on how to use their new Yaris.

Elder Childs

Elder Childs standing behind the car to help him back up. This is a mission policy.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Zone conference

We were in charge of lunch for Zone conference for 60 people so I did 2 giant crockpots full of lasagne and Sister Romig  did two pots and Sister Van Dam did the salad and we all made cookies for dessert.  Sister Romig also did the french bread.  This is Elder Crowson, Elder Johnson, Elder Womeldorf, and Harry.

Elder Rozendaal and Elder Brown

Elder Bosco, Elder Morrell, Elder Steenblik, and Elder Reese

Sister Johansen, Sister Goodman, Elder DaSilva and Elder Silva

Elder Bonney, Elder Fowkes, Elder Alston, Elder Neptune, and Benjamin from the Amsterdam Jovos

President Van der Put, Elder Yocom, Elder Bonney, and Sister Robinson announcing the birthdays for the month. We all raise our hands and say what we like about them and then sing the birthday song.


I think all of the above are Rembrandt's

Lunch with the Romigs

I had a ham sandwich and Scott had tomato soup

Elder Robison inside the museum.  It was huge.

This was carved out of wood and about 2 feet tall.

Elder Robison misses his boat

Elder Robisons soup

One of the many stained glass windows

The Grand hallway on the top floor

I think this is Vermeer  "The Milkmaid"

Elder Robison standing in front of the museum

The Romigs

Its cold

Elder Robison in front of the Amsterdam train station

Romigs at the train station

Elder Yocom's Birthday.

                    Elder Johnson found a restaurant that gives you free lunch on your birthday so we decided to try it out.  Elder Yocom (birthday boy turning 20 no longer a teenager) and Elder Bosco.                                

Elder Johnson and Elder Bourne

Elder Robison 
Susan Anneveldt came by to take us to lunch so we all went together.  Elder Yocom did get a free lunch and Susan payed for ours so we got one too.  The pizza there and the calzones were the best we have had over here yet.