Sunday, April 5, 2015

Deventer- Senior couples Meeting

All the senior couples met in Deventer on March 28.  We had a walking tour of the city.  This was an old hospital.

This is the library.  Notice the date 1645.

This house 1583. Tiny alley between houses.

Outside an old church
Sister Van Dam

Green organ

Prayer roll

Elder Robison

Broom store.  My mother had one of the rug beaters pictured here.

Elder Romig, Sister Romig, Elder Romig, Sister Romig, Pres. Van der Put, Elder Kleyn, Sister Kleyn, Elder Johnson, Sister Johnson, Elder Robison, Sister Robinson, Sister Robison, Pres. Robinson, Sister Van Dam, Elder Van Dam

Elder Van Dam

Another Church , another organ

This was a women's prison

She is escaping

Another church but this one has statues. All the other ones didn't.  They were all destroyed.

Baptistery and St. Peter


Sister and Elder Kleyn

All seven couples plus Pres and Sister. Robinson and Pres. and Sister Van der Put

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