Sunday, April 19, 2015

Good bye to the office Elders.

Elder Robison , Elder Yocom, Elder Johnson, and Sister Robison.  These are the two office Elders we have been working with since we got to our mission.  They have become like our own sons.  We love them and didn't want to see them go.

Elder Robisons new best buddie Elder Bosco.  They love talking about BYU sports.

Elder Robison, Elder Bosco, Elder Bourne, and Sister Robison.  These are the APs and Elder Bourne has one more transfer left before he goes home so he is back in the field.

Our leaving Elders Yocom, Bourne and Johnson.

Elder Bourne , Elder Elkins and Elder Evans heading to the train station.

Hope they get it all on the Train.

Sister Hansen,, Elder Hosea,and Elder Bernier

Elder Johnson, Elder Lee and Elder Yocom.

This is all the luggage of the missionaries going home on Thursday.  They have to weigh it and repack and throw things away if they are over weight.

Our returning missionaries Elder Corsini, Elder Denny, Sister Jones, Sister Castro and Elder Nielson.

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