Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Liesbeth Baptism

Liesbeth and Brother der Weduwen (2nd Counselor in the Bishopric).

Elder Heinricks, Elder Clement, Liesbeth, Bro. der Weduwen, Elder Evans

Burgerz in Scheveningen

This was my Jamaican burger with bacon, onion rings, and mango sauce.

Elder Robisons burger with mozzarella cheese.

Elder and Sister Romig, Bro. Moomey, Elder & Sister Johnson, Sister Moomey, Elder Moomey, and Elder Robison.  Elder Moomey went home and then came back with his parents to visit and tour around.

Scheveningen Harbor

Elder and Sister Romig and the Moomeys

The glass building on the left is where we ate with the Van Dams and Butlers.

Elder and Sister Johnson, Elder Romig, Elder Moomey, Sister Romig and Sister and Elder Robison.
Our nephew Mike would always call Elder Robison  "Skippy" so this ones for you.

Mission office windows

Getting ready for the new President.  Decided to wash all the windows in the office.

These windows go from the ceiling to the floor.  We are getting the carpet cleaned too. (Thats why the chairs are on the tables). This is just the conference room and kitchen.

This is the outside of the building.  All these windows to the door are ours.

Hilversum cereal wall

We did apartment inspection and found this unique wall.  The whole wall was different cereal boxes the Elders had eaten.  Some were poking out and some in.  Now they are going around the corner.

Flags & bags

When they pass their exams here they put out the flag and hang their backpacks on them.


Coming home from home teaching and right in the middle of the city were alot of sheep. 

District Meeting

After District Meeting a great game of ping pong.

Elder Bonner and Elder Hunter fixing lunch

Elder Shaw, Clement, and Heinricks hanging out in the kitchen

Sister Verdegem singing the Belgium National Anthem with the help of Elders Clement, Shaw, Eby and Heinricks.

Fruit pizza

I was craving fruit pizza and decided to make it for the office.  I bought all the ingredients and found out , I didn't have a pizza pan.  I found these two quiche pans and made it work. 


We had dinner with the Moores.  They are from Canada and he is in the Bishopric in the Wassenaar Ward.  It was like going to Rodizios.  They had barbecued every kind of meat.  It was delicious. The Zoetermeer Elders were there also.  I had left my coat there so we went back.  The kids were already in bed but came downstairs for a picture.  They also gave me 2 giant bags of Belgium chocolate chips.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Spijkenisse Senior Outing

We had a great meeting hearing the testimonies of our new senior couple the Caldwells, and from those couples going home in July, the Romigs and the Johnsons and of course President and Sister Robinson.  We also heard from Pres. Boom who is one of the Area Seventies serving in Europe. Sister and Elder Butler,Pres. and Sister Robinson, Sister and Pres. Boom, Elder and Sister Kleyn.

Elder and Sister Romig, Elder and Sister Johnson, Elder and Sister Romig 

If you look real close,  they are wind surfing.  There were tons of them.

We went to the Deltapark, Neeltje Jans.  This is an artificial island that was constructed in the 1960s.  In 1953 they had a huge storm that flooded the Netherlands.  The water reached a record height of 4.5 meters above sea level.  Most of Holland is below sea level.  1800 people died and 72,000 had to be evacuated.  Here is where they built the storm surge barriers and dikes to protect the low lying areas. They had a seal show here but we got there too late.
They even had a water park.  Notice we all have on out coats and the kids here are running thru the water in their swimsuits.

We took a boat ride around the Delta Works.  Elder Robison and Sister and Elder Johnson.

Elders and Sisters Romig

Sister and Elder Kleyn

Elder Butler, Sister and Elder Van Dam, and Sister Butler.

Elder and Sister Robison

Sister and Elder Caldwell and all the Romigs

Sister and Pres. Robinson, Pres. Van de Put
The poles are where the storm surge barrier is.  You can drive your car on top of it.

Sister and Elder Kleyn

The sea on the left and the protected side on the right.

The Sea

June Zone Training

Our last zone training with Pres. and Sister Robinson.

Den Haag Zone: Elder and Sister Romig, Elder Lee, Elder Claflin, Elder Lott, Elder Conatti, Elder Fonger, Sister Cowles, Elder Reese, Sister Riley, Elder Henderson, Sister Voss, Elder Schmidt, Sister Nyakoh, Elder Wooton, Elder Jardine, Sister Hopkin, Elder Losee, Elder     , Sister Lemich, Sister Bradley, Elder Davis, Elder Womeldorf, Elder Thom, Sister and Pres. Robinson.

Amsterdam Zone: Elder and Sister Robison, Elder Ames, Elder Neptune, Sister Verdegem, Elder Parr, Sister Jensen, Elder Bonner, Sister Mashburn, Elder Frisby, Sister Doxey, Elder Taggert, Elder Childs, Elder Shaw, Elder Eby, Elder Hunter, Elder Heinricks, Elder Clement, Elder Evans, Sister and Elder Van Dam, Pres. and Sister Robinson.

Taco salad and Stawberry shortcake.

Sister Verdegem, Sister Nyakoh, Sister Jensen, and Sister Robinson.

Elder Clement, Elder Childs, Elder Hunter, Elder Shaw, and Elder Taggert.

Sister and Elder Van Dam

Elder Evans( has avoided birthdays since Nov.) Elder Childs, Sister Mashburn, Sister Verdegem, and Sister Robinson. 
Elder Thom leading the birthday song.