Sunday, September 13, 2015

Johnson's Apartment

The Johnsons finished their mission and we are not getting a new couple to replace them.  A local couple from Rotterdam will be taking their place with the Jovos.  So we had to close their apartment.

The owner told us that everything in the apartment was ours.  So we sent the dryer to Tilburg for the Sisters.  When the owners came to check us out they wanted to know where the dryer was.  So we had to get it back from Tilburg.  Here is Elder Childs carrying it up the stairs by himself.  The elevator broke down so we couldn't use it.

We had sent to office Elders to Tilburg with a load and had to call them to bring it back.

Transfer Day

Elder Clement and Heinricks getting all the legality ready for the 24 new missionaries.  Notice the stack of passports.

Elder Johnson back at his old desk.

Lots of suitcases for departing missionaries and trainers.

Departing missionaries, Elder Argueta, Elder South, Elder Johnson, Elder Davis, and Elder Warner.

Elder Robison, Elder Johnson, and Sister Robison.  He worked in the office with us the first 6 months we were here.  He was a great help and we will miss him.

Elder Clement putting stamps on the mail.

SAIL in Amsterdam

Once every 5 years they have the largest free nautical event in the world.  They have over 600 ships navigate along the North Sea Canal before mooring in and around Amsterdam.  About a million and a half people attend. The large white building is called" The Eye. It is a museum.

Lots of people

This group of men sang to welcome everyone there.

Elder and Sister Robison

Elder Clement and Heinricks

Elder Robison

You can see all the ships lined up

Elder Neptune, Robison and Ames

I thought this one was the best.

Sister Robison, Elder Neptune and Ames eating fries for lunch.

Elder Robison, Neptune and Ames

Even the kids got to sail

They even got to bogie board on a tow rope.

We finally got on a ship

Kids sailing

Lots of people 

Elder Ames sailing the ship

Lots of crazy boats.  Reminded me of the regatta.

Boats everywhere

Lots of partying going on

Even a submarine

A Navy boat and sailor