Thursday, December 10, 2015

New Office

Here are some pictures of our new office.  I finally had time to take some pictures after all the bags were out of here. This is our small kitchen.  It has a nice fridge, dishwasher, and combo microwave and oven.

Womens bathroom

Mens bathroom

They have 2 stalls
The entry way.  Sister Bunnell is having a painting made.  I'll have to post it later.

Looking towards the training room.  APs desk by the copy machine.

The front office, Elder Cook who does legality, and Elder Andrew who does finance.  Elder Evans desk under the picture.  He had to go home to Belgium for a few days to recuperate from  pneumonia. He should be back today.  Quite a cozy office.

President Bunnells office

Elder and Sister Robison's office

This closet has 72 different languages of the Book of Mormon, bibles, triples, DVDs ect.

This closet has all our pamphlets, planners, and packages.

This closet has all our office supplies

Looking at our training room

Our back closet where we keep all our cases of Book of Mormons.  We usually have about 50 Dutch ones on hand.  We go through about 30-40 cases a transfer. Elder Robison has all his car stuff here plus co2 detectors, smoke alarms and fire blankets and President has some cards and yearbooks.

A seat out of the van because we had to transport all the bags to Zone Conference.  It is alot harder to get the seats up to our office since we are on the third floor.  Thankfully we have an elevator.

Tables for training.  The chairs haven't arrived yet. We will have enough of them to train 25 missionaries and their trainers.  We used to get a conference room at the Golden Tulip Hotel but now we can do this in our office,

Scarf shopping

Its getting cold here so Elder Robison decided he wanted a new scarf so we went shopping after lunch.  Elder Andrew set off the metal detectors so he has to take everything out of his pockets and bag to make sure he didn't steal anything.  The funny thing is he set them off on the way into the store too.

Elder Cook chillin on his palomino.

Zone Conference Dec 8, 2015

This is the Amsterdam and Den Haag Zones

Only 2 had birthdays in our Zone, President Bunnell and Elder Steenblik

Sister Bunnell pointing to people who had something nice to say about these two.

Monday Lunch

Because the office was full of bags for Zone Conference we went out to lunch at Fresh and Fast. You pick your meat, sauce, noodles and vegetables.  Then they cook it in a wok.  Delicious! They even have smoothies you can order.
Elder Andrew, Elder Cook, Elder Hirsch and Elder Bonner

Sunday, December 6, 2015


Today is the day that the Dutch Santa comes, Sinterklaas.  Our bishops son dressed up like Zwarte Piet, Black Peter.

He had his face painted black and even had a gunny sack.

I thought he was so cute that I had to get a picture.

Christmas Trees

They put up the tree across from our apartment.  They just take out some bricks, dig a hole and plant it.

It was really windy but they got all the orange lights on.
We decided to put our tree up.  We got it from the Romigs. You can see the tree outside

The tree across the street.  They did a better job putting on the lights this year.

Anne Frank house with the Romigs

This is the outside of the Anne Frank house.  They don't let you take pictures inside.

Elder Robison freezing waiting in line for an hour and a half.

Elder Robison, Sister and Elder Romig

A poster of the house.  They lived in the back on the top three floors.  You can see the bookcase in the middle top floor.

Lunch after trying to warm up with hot chocolate with whip cream and a mini stroop waffle.

Elder Robison's hot dog with corn, carrots, broccoli. peppers.

Elder Romigs hamburger with the same veggies on top.

Sister Robison's shrimp with the same veggies.

Sister Romigs fish and chips with the same veggie mix.