Friday, July 31, 2015

Rotterdam to Tilburg

The owner sold the Rotterdam north apartment so we had to empty it.  We took apart all the furniture and took it to Tilburg where we are opening that apartment. The office Elders helped us. Elder Heinricks, Evans, and Clement.

Elder Heinricks and Elder Clement sword fighting with table legs.

Got all the furniture in the mission van and our van.  Time for lunch in the parking lot.  

Goodbye to Romigs and Johnsons

On the last night the Romigs and the Johnsons were here they stayed in the mission home.  President and Zuster Bunnell invited us to go to dinner with them.  We went to an Italian restaurant.  The fresh tomato soup was great.

Zuster Bunnell ordered fish. When they brought it to her,  it was a fish,, a whole fish.

President & Zuster Bunnell , Elder Robison, Zuster & Elder Johnson, Zuster & Elder Romig. We had a great time and a great dinner. After dinner we went back to the mission home for a great testimony meeting.  They will be missed.  It was fun getting to know them and we hope to connect with them when we get home.

Elder and Zuster Johnson, President and Zuster Bunnell, Zuster and Elder Romig.

Jackson mohawk

Here is Jackson all ready for church with his mohawk  just like his brother.  He is 4 months and growing up too fast.

Apartment Checks

We went to Lelystad and check out apartments.  Elder Shelton and Elder Thom did great.

Zuster Bradley and Zuster Cowles apartment was clean also.

We went to Almere to bring back all the bedding and towels we had washed because the apartment now is closed because we sent 30 missionaries home and only 17 came so we had to close 12 apartments.  In May we sent home 18 and only got 6.  We came out of the apartment and could smell something wonderful.  It was a churro stand with fresh churros that they fried right then.  They were delicious.

Elder Slingerland

One of the best things about working in the office is being able to see missionaries come in when they get off of the plane and then get picked up by their parents when they ae done.  Here is Elder Slingerland. He is from the Netherlands and his parents came to pick him up. They hadn't seen him in 2 years even though they live a few hours away.

He's loading up his bike while Elder Holt and Elder Da Silva look on.

Can't get enough hugs from his dad.

His Mom wants more too.


In Madurodam everything is an exact replica of special buildings and objects on a scale of 1:25.  If you didn'e have time to see it, you can see it here.  This is the Basillica "Sint-Jan" in Den Bosch.

This is the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam

Jaclyn, Jeremy, Zuster Robison and Elder Robison

Peace Palace in the Hague

Royal Palace 'Het Loo' in Apeldoorn.  We tried to see this one but it was closed and had guard dogs barking at us.  We had a great time with Jeremy and Jaclyn and wished they could have stayed longer.  They saw us at our halfway point and now we can make it all the way till April.


Jer n Jax at Kinderdijk.  Here they have 19 windmills.  This group of windmills is the largest concentration of old windmills in the Netherlands

Jer n Jax

Jer and Elder Robison

My mother used to have a rack just like this for her dish towels.

Jax n Jer with lots of windmills

After we had lunch at this cute sidewalk cafe.


After our day in Delft we decided to take a harbor tour in Rotterdam.  Here we saw the Euromast.  If you look close you can see three people repealing off of it.


Here is a lady hand painting a plate.

This is how you know if you Delft blue is real or not.Jeremy 

Jeremy and Jaclyn in the garden at the Delft Factory.

Elder and Zuster Robison

Jer with his delft shoes on with Jax

Zuster Robison with her delft shoes on.

Elder Robison on the top of the Delft Tower.  We climbed 370 stairs.

Jax and Jer

The view was great.  You could see Den Haag.

Rotterdam in the distance

Look out below
Could be Zoetermeer or Leiden

The bells inside the tower that play music and chime every half hour.

Jax, Jer, and Elder Robison after the climb.

Here is the tower looking up.  The stairs were very narrow and only 60 people could go up at a time.  You had to hug the pole in the middle of the stairs so others could get by you.  Good thing we are not so big.


Here is 1/4 of the line we stood in for 3 hours to get into the Anne frank House.  They won't let you take pictures.  It was very moving and we hope something like this doesn't happen again.

Here is the church the line went around.  Notice the flag at half mast.  It was for the plane that was shot down over the Ukraine a year ago. 

We went on a canal boat tour thru Amsterdam.

Lots of bridges

Elder Robison and Jeremy getting off the boat

Our Captain

If you look at the little white house about 4th from the left ,  it is in the middle of this hotel.  It was the only one who wouldn't sell so they built the hotel around it.

Jeremy and Elder Robison .  The hotel is across of the train station.  Most people don't even notice it unless it is pointed out to them.

Amsterdam Central Train Station

This is the sailing ship we saw on our canal trip.

Jaclyn and Jeremy enjoying our boat trip

After a busy day in Amsterdam a trip to the pannenkoeken house for dinner.  Fresh strawberries, whipped cream and ice cream.  Delicious . I could eat one every day.