Sunday, April 5, 2015

Apeldoorn Apt.

Time to remodel the old apartment..Out with all the old furniture.  Elder Bean and Elder Argueta have fun destroying it. They threw it up and let it crash into pieces.

Elder Andrew, Elder Robison, and Elder Clukey taking the bed apart.  Hope they can remember how to put it back together.

Elder Andrew found an old chair in the attic.

Elder Argueta helping get it out down the tiny staircase.

Lunch with Pres. Van der Put, Elder Andrew, Sister Huber and Sister Verdegem

Here comes the dumpster,

Everything fits including the 6 mattresses in the attic. Elder Robison, Elder Andrew, Elder Clukey, Elder Bean, Elder Argueta, Sister Huber, Pres. Van der Put and Sister Verdegem. This was the sisters apartment. Lots of mold on the walls and worn out carpet.

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