Sunday, April 5, 2015

Corrie Ten Boom

We took the train to Haarlem.  This is where they filmed "The Best Two Years".

We ate lunch before we toured the museum.  This is Sister Romigs omelet.

This is my ham and cheese panini.

They told us we didn't need a ticket or reservation.  When we got back to the museum there was a long line.  They only let 20 people in at a time. This was the English tour.Along came alot of people who had reservations so we had to wait.

Elder Robison checking out what time the next tour is.  We decided to go for the dutch tour which was in a half hour.  We had just watched the Hiding Place the night before so we were good.  We got a ticket to be sure we got in.

This is the sitting room where we sat and heard the tour for about an hour.

The piano had these cool candles for light.

We had 35 people on our tour and wondered why we couldn't have fit in the english one. This is the room where they went through the closet to get to the hiding place.  They have cut a hole in the wall so you can see the hiding place better.
This is the closet where they went in backwards into the hiding place. The wall in the back slid up and down.

Elder Johnson and Elder Robison coming out of the hiding place. 

The museum with the watch and clock shop still there today.

This triangle was a sign that all was OK inside to come in.  If it was turned around it was not safe.

This is a church in the centrum of the city.  They said this was the largest organ in the world but there was one bigger in the USA. This organ has 5068 pipes and is almost 30 m high.  In 1766 Mozart who was 10 years old played this organ.

This was a giant church.  The floor had 1500 gravestones where they buried their dead as far back as the 15th century.. 

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