Sunday, February 28, 2016

Senior outing

We went on a senior couples outing.  We toured the Rotterdam harbour on a Spido boat. This was one of the ships.  They make the windmills that are out in the sea.

The red boat had the drilling rigs on it. The orange boat had the poles for the windmills.

President Van der Put and President Bunnell

Sisters Caldwell, Jansen and Van der Put.  Can you tell its cold!

Next we toured a windmill. Sister and Pres. Van der Put, Elder Robison, Sister Caldwell, our tour guide,Elder Jansen, Sister Bunnell,  Elder Hill, and President Bunnell.

Sister Hill, Our tour guide, Elder Jansen, Sister Bunnell and Pres.Bunnell, Elder Hill, and Sister Jansen. This windmill used to grind flour.  They have a store on the bottom level that sells all kinds of flour and baking supplies.

Pres. and Sister Bunnell, Elder & Sister Jansen, Sister & Elder Caldwell, Sister and Pres. Van der Put, Sister and Elder Robison, Sister and Elder Hill.

We all climbed to the top of the windmill.  President Bunnell even touched the thatched roof on the very top.
We had a great day.

After, we went to the mission home and had dinner. Hutspot with meatballs and rookworst, homemade bread and honey butter, green salad and dressing, and apple crumble pie with slagroom and fla for dessert.

Very delicious.  We all ate too much.

Zoetermeer storage

We have been closing down apartments and storing the stuff in the old Zoetermeer church where they used to meet before the new church was built. It is an office building in the middle of Zoetermeer.

We have been piling up boxes not really knowing whats inside.

We have bed frames and dryers and washers.

Lots of bedding

This was out into the hall

So before we leave our mission we decided to organize it with the help of Pres. and Sister Van der Put.
They will be taking our place. These are the before pictures.

Here is the after pictures.

Lots of dishes in the cupboards.

Now we can see what we have.

Misc Furniture 
Chairs and Tables, clothing racks.

Vaccuums, ironing boards, mirrors. drying racks

5 bed frames

Lots of duvets and mattresses

Linens, towels, duvet covers, dish rags and dish clothes.

Lots of bedding, 8 mattresses

Misc pictures, coat racks, fans, lamps


Driving all over Holland you can see daffodils coming up through the grass.  The crocus are also up now. This is in Zoetermeer downtown.

Institute & dinner

We had sloppy joes, salad and chips and for dessert banana nut bread with chocolate chips.
Abbie, Kim, Tamlyn, Tessa, Erik, Gail and Alex.

Brian, Ian, Elder Robison, Kevin, Christina, and Abbie.

Tamlyn, Kim, Elder Robison, Kevin, Christina and Abbie.

Abbie, Kim, Tamlyn, Tessa, Erik Gail, Alex and Christina.

Alex gives the lesson.

We had 11 Young Single Adults, one of our biggest groups.

Hoorn Apt.

Elders Cook and Andrew loaded up the van with lots of stuff from the Hoorn Apt.

Elders Cook and Andrew always willing to give a helping hand.

After cleaning all day, a picture by the sea.

We still have a few things left to get out of the apartment.

This will be fun because it is on the second floor and we have to go across a skinny slippery porch and down a flight of stairs. The apartment is in the middle of town and there is no where to park but a back alley.  Hopefully we can park there. All these boxes have materials that need to go back to the office and put back in inventory.