Sunday, April 12, 2015

Keukenhof and Temple conference

We heard this organ playing Tulpen Uit Amsterdam.  I tried to video this for my Aunts and Uncles but it didn't work so you just get a picture.

We spent 2 days here after going to the Temple in the morning with half our mission one day and the other half the next.  We did two sessions each day because there were so many of us. They opened the Temple just for us.

The trees were just starting to bloom.  In a couple weeks they all should be out.

I took tons of picture so just enjoy.

The famous kissing couple.

Some senior couples, The Van Dams, and The 2 Romigs.  They are brothers.

Elder Bourne, Elder Neptune, Zuster Whittington, Elder Frisby, Zuster Young, Elder Argueta, Sister Hanny, and Elder Bosco.

1/4 of our mission eating pizza waiting for everyone else.

It was cold

They said last year the fields were fantastic.  We were here a little early.  The tulips are still coming up.

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