Sunday, August 30, 2015

Moving the Romigs

The Romigs were moved from Den Haag to Groningen.  They had a few things to move. They moved into their brothers apartment because he went home. Again there are Romigs in Groningen.

Day 2

Day 2 they have a carnival with lots of rides and games.  It was opened by Elsa and Olaf from Frozen.

This ride is like the one at Lagoon only they have a tarp that comes over the seats so you are in the dark.

A cool ride that went up and down a hill for the little kids.

They had a horse parade with lots of old carts from the 1800s with people dressed up. 

The horses went around the block and they had a competition. They had a sword like stick that they had to put in a ring and were judged on speed and accuracy.  Who could get the most rings. They were magnets on a wooden board with three heights depending on the size of the cart.

Even the kids had fun.

Feestweek in Rijnsburg

Feestweek is Partyweek in Rijnsburg.  They sent out a book of all the events for the week.  It started off with a DJ from a local radio station playing loud music till Midnight. It sounded like it was inside our house.

It started at 6 and a few people were there.

By 9 it was packed.

Dinner with the Van der Puts

We had a lovely dinner with President & Sister Van der  Put.

Their favorite place to vacation is Switzerland so they have a picture hanging in their garden.

Wooden Shoe flowers

There is a house around the corner from us that has beautiful flowers.  They are planted in wooden shoes.

New Elders

5 of our new Elders . Elder Sosa, Ocampo, Bringhurst, 

Elder Bringhurst trying on his new helmet.  Helmets are now required in our mission after 2 head injuries the first week our new Mission President Bunnell was here.

Lunch with the Butlers

Sister Butlers reaction to her husbands comment.

We had a fun lunch.  They are going home in September and we will miss them.

We saw this outside our restaurant.  This is one way to get the kids where they need to go.