Sunday, April 19, 2015

New missionaries

The weather is warming up so we took another picture by the windmill without coats.

We asked Elder Heinricks to take our picture and when we got our I phone back he had taken a selfie with Elder Clement.  These are our new office Elders and will be serving in the office for 6 months.

Elder Clement and Elder Heinricks

Elder Bourne, President Robinson, and Elder Bosco.  These are the APs.

Elder Johnson, Bosco,Yocom, Bourne, and Evans.

New Elder Wilson

New Zuster Duncan

New Elder Jardine

Elder Johnson and Elder Bourne last time at the Pannenkoeken house.

Sister and Pres. Robinson, Elder Jardine, Elder Yocom, Sister Duncan, Elder Bosco, Elder Evans. Elder Heinricks, Elder Hosea, Elder Johnson, Elder Bourne, Elder Clement, and Sister Robison. 

Elder Jardine, Elder Yocom, Sister Duncan and Elder Bosco.

My ham . cheese, bacon and mushroom pannenkoeken.

Elder Robisons apple, raisin, cinnamon, powder sugar pannenkoeken. You roll these up and eat them like a crepe. We cut them in half and shared with each other so we could have both.  Very yummy.

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