Sunday, January 25, 2015

Home teaching

We went home teaching today to an inactive member. He said he was too busy today and that we could see him on Friday.  We noticed a light house and realized we were almost at the beach. So we went for a walk to check it out. When the weather get nicer we plan on riding our bikes (if Elder Robison gets one) here.  It is about 8 kilometers from our house. 

Den Haag outing

We had such a good time with the senior couples we decided to go to Den Haag and hang out with the Romigs.  We even rode in an OTIS elevator. Notice the ground level is 0. It rode very rough and Elder Robison wanted to adjust it.

The Romigs helped us get a chipkaart.  You load money on it and then you can ride the trams and buses and trains.  We are on a tram. You scan your card when you get on and when you get off. If you forget it charges you to the end of the line.

We ate lunch in this pizza and pasta place overlooking the centrum. You tell them what you want and they cook it fresh while you wait. 
It was so cold that the birds were standing on the ice.

These are the flags by the Parliament building.

The men in front of the Parliament building.

The womens turn 
Inside the square. Notice the new building on the right.

We went to the Mauritshuis Museum. This is one of the 2 principal small museums in the world.




Of course we needed to check out the round elevator.

Notice all the new buildings behind the old ones.

We heard about these and yes they are in the town square.

Just posing for a picture.

Brothers having a good laugh.

Now that is a big bucket of chicken. 

Waiting for the tram to go home.  We had a great time and hope to do this again soon.

Senior couples counsel

We had a great meeting at the Mission Home with all 7 senior couples.  A lot of good instruction. Elder Robison showed them the driving video and gave them the same test he gave the zone leaders. We had a great lunch which everyone brought something.  I made pulled pork sandwiches. After that 6 couples went to the temple.  The session was in dutch. We all had a good time and those of us who didn't have to drive 2 1/2 hours went out to dinner.  Here are Elder and Zuster Van Dam. They had a 2 1/2 hour drive back to Den Helder.

Here are the Romigs. They are brothers. The ones on the left are serving in Den Haag and the  ones on the right are in Groningen.  The ones below are the Johnsons. They are in Rotterdam.
We walked to a pizza and pasta place for dinner.
We had a good time laughing and getting to know each other.
We asked for tap water and they brought us a 5 euro bottle.  I guess that what you get when you order water when everyone else is drinking booze.

For dessert we ordered a banana split. This is what we got.

Temple with Kim

Here are the office Elders Evans, Yocum and Johnson, with their investigator Kim. She is from Korea.  The temple president has a presentation that he showed her about the temple. It is the same movie that you see when you go to an open house of a temple. We met in the waiting room of the temple. After the movie he talked to her about the temple and answered any questions she had. She is adopted and has met her mother and sister in Korea. She was really interested about doing work for the dead since her dad has passed away. We got to go because the Elders couldn't drive her in their car.  We had a nice discussion and got to know her better.  She has a baptism date and we are looking forward to that.

New missionaries

After an all night flight Zuster Harris, Zuster Romney, Elder Wooton and Elder Tolman are exhausted and fell asleep in the office.  They got here at 8am which is midnight Utah time.

Elder Wooton gave up and finally laid down.

We woke them up and went to the pannekoken house for lunch. This is Elder Robison's warm cheeries, ice cream and whipped cream pannekoken.  It is like a giant crepe. 

Elder Johnson showing off his lunch.

After lunch we took the famous Windmill picture. Zuster Ramirez is from Argentina and met us for lunch.  She was at the MTC in Spain and came in at a different time. She only speaks spanish so luck has it we have a spanish speaking Sister Jarmillo from Aruba.  She will teach her dutch and english. 

Transfer Day

This is Elder Alston.  He was the AP (Assistant to the President) for 6 months.  The President likes to put the missionaries back in the field for their last transfer.  He goes home in March.
These are the AP's,  Elder Bourne, Elder Boscoe ,yes, he is the son of Robbie Boscoe ( Elder Alstons replacement) and President Robinson. 


We bought this flower at Christmas time and now it is in full bloom. At one time it had about 10 blooms on it.

Monday, January 19, 2015


Elder Robison's new toy.

Our friends the McGhies were moving back to the U.S. and needed to sell everything. They are moving to Heber. They really made us feel welcome. We will really miss them. This is the wife's bike. The husband's was already sold.

You can see Elder Robison riding it across the street.

He is taking it down to our bike garage in the basement.  He got it all the way down and didn't have a key to unlock the door.  The bike is really heavy so I had to help him get it back upstairs. We put it in the elevator standing straight up to get it in.  He spent the rest of the day taking off the baby seat and working the bike over.  We had to shorten it so we can now get it in the elevator.

Peter's Baptism

This is Peter and Brother Hatcher, our ward mission leader.  Peter is from England and has been investigating the church for 15 years.  We are so happy that he decided to get baptized.  We had a great service and I even gave the talk on the HolyGhost. 

This is Elder Ames and Elder Carter. They taught him the lessons.