Thursday, April 23, 2015

Jackson 1 month

They grow up toooooo fassssssssst.

Aubrey Eliza Carver

Aubrey 1 hour old.  We got to skype with them.  She wasn't even weighed or cleaned up yet.

Proud big sister, Bridget

She is so cute. Sleeping like an angel.


There are 19 Windmills here

Beautiful reflection

Elder Robison in his wooden shoes
Sister Robison 
Reclaimed land 

Inside the windmill.  Here is where the parents slept with the baby at the foot of their bed in the blue box. The people that lived here had 13 children.
Elder Robison looking at their only source of heat.
This is the land that flooded in 1953
The windmill was going to fast so he had to put in some of the sails. They said the fiction could cause a fire.
Tying back some of the sails
Climbing up the windmill to loosen the ropes on the sails.
Climbing up the windmill
They pump the water from one canal to another and then it goes thru these turbines and pumps it into the Lek River.
This is a mail carrier on her bike in a dress delivering mail.  This is for Jan Fisher.
Thought this was an interesting way to use old shoes.

This is their living room

Mechelen, Belgium

We rented a new apartment for the Senior couple that is coming in June.  It is all painted and has tile flooring.  All it needs is lights. It is the penthouse apartment and is very nice. This is the master bedroom.

The small bedroom

Bathroom with double sinks and lighted mirror.

Tub and shower

Toilet and sink

Laundry room

Large living space with covered balcony

Looking the other way at the kitchen with another balcony

Apartment is on the top at the end.  Driveway to under ground parking.

More sights

This is a building we pass every time we go to Amsterdam. It has a stairway going around the building.  I've tried to get a picture from the car.
The tulip fields are coming out.

We are hoping to ride our bikes to get better pictures.  These are from the car going 80 mph

Tilburg Apartment

We went to Tilburg to rent a new apartment for the Elders.  They are now in a 4 man.  The apartment is very nice but it needs painting and flooring and lights.

This is the large bedroom and the small bedroom 

The large bedroom with the patio.

The large bathroom

The small bathroom

The kitchen

Parking garage which they don't need because they don't have a car.

The elevators

The entry way

The outside of the building.  They are on the 4th floor.

The building is suppose to be done but still has alot of work landscaping ect.