Thursday, January 28, 2016

President Van der Put's birthday

President Van der Put had a birthday so we went out to dinner with President and Sister Bunnell and the Gouts.  They brought out baklava with a giant sparkler on it.  I didn't get my phone out soon enough to get a picture of it. It lit up the whole room.  It was about a foot tall.

Enjoying his baklava

Monday, January 18, 2016

Den Haag Zone Training

Elder Cook and President Bunnell

Den Haag zone

Celebrating Zuster Bush and Zuster Begazo birthdays.

Zuster Bush and Zuster Bunnell

Zuster Hanny led the birthday song.

Dinner with the Listers

Our Bishop from the Wassenaar Ward invited us for Sunday dinner.  We had a great time with the office elders.
Here is their cute family.

MLC 8 Jan 2016

First Mission Leader Counsel of 2016
Elders Heinricks, Bonner, DaSilva, Harrop, Wilson, Reese, Parr, Clukey, Morrell, Steenblik, Lott,Smith, Hosea, Hirsch,
Sisters Cowles, Hopkin, Lemich, Romney, Jones, Huber, Twiggs, Dobler, Jensen, and Bunnell.

Food and Fireworks

We went to an all you can eat buffet in Leek.  President Bunnell eating crocodile or shark.

Sister Bunnell sharing his dessert.

We watched the fireworks from the Romigs apartment.  It is on the 7th floor and over looks the harbor and the city of Groningen. 

They were all around us.

They went on for hours.

In the morning we had brunch at the Gouts house.
Elder & Sister Caldwell, Romigs, Gouts, Bunnells, Van der Puts, Robisons, Hills,
Sister Ardon and the Jansens.

They had this beautiful picture of the Hague Temple.  The painter of the picture put in a white tulip for his daughter that was killed in a car accident.

Wooden shoe factory

After we went to the First Baptism monument, we went to a wooden shoe factory.  Here is Sister Ardon trying on a giant pair of wooden shoes.  She takes care of the young single adults in Rotterdam.

President and Sister Bunnell sharing a pair.

Elder and Sister Hill.  They are in the Deventer Center.

Elder and Sister Caldwell are in Mechelen, Belguim.

Elder and Sister Robison take care of the Amsterdam Jovos and work in the office..

Here are a bunch with Fresian horses on them.

These have sailboats and windmills.

Some of the Missionaries ordered some shoes with our mission and their names on them.

Elder and Sister Jansen will be in Den Helder.

Elder and Sister Romig are in Groningen.

Elder and Sister Romig

Elder Caldwell

Showing off Sister Voss Shoes

Sister Caldwell

Elder and Sister Robison

Elder and Sister Hill

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Uncle Harry Winkel

Before we left Groningen we wanted to see my Uncle Harry.  He is 92 years old.  Here he is with Victor Gout who is married to his Grand daughter Nancy.

Here is Johnny his son with Elder Robison.  I hadn't seen him in 42 years.  It was great to see him again.

Here is Nancy Gout with her son.

Groningen Senior Outing

On New Years Eve all the senior couples went to Friesland.  We visited the monument of the First Baptism in the Netherlands. Elder Caldwell shared some history of the church at that time.

President and Sister Bunnell, the Jansens,Van der Puts, Robisons,  Romigs,  Caldwells,  Hills, and Sister Ardon.

Everyone trying to get a picture.

Elder Robison is cold.

We sang a hymn at our little devotional there.

President and Sister Bunnell

Elder Robison drinking hot chocolate.

We are all trying to stay warm.

Here we are singing.

President and Sister Bunnell, Elder and Sister Hill, and the Jansens.

Hot chocolate supplied by the Van der Puts.

Elder Caldwell setting up his timer to take our picture.