Sunday, April 5, 2015

Haarlem Service Project

On March 20 we had a service day called NL Doet.  We went to Haarlem with our district to a park where they had lots of green houses and a petting zoo.  This is where they grow all the trees and plants for the city of Haarlem.  There were lots of groups there to help not only ours.

Our job was to get all the weeds out from between the bricks.

Elder Womeldorf

Elder Blackhurst

Elder Blackhurst, Lee, Shaw, Morrell, Enslow, Crowson, and Womeldorf

Sister Goodman,and Twiggs, Elders Womeldorf , Neptune and Morrell

A little boy wanted to know what we were doing.

He thought we talked funny. Elder Robison edging with a knife.  Where is the electric edger and the round up?  This was an environmental place so none of that.

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