Thursday, April 23, 2015


There are 19 Windmills here

Beautiful reflection

Elder Robison in his wooden shoes
Sister Robison 
Reclaimed land 

Inside the windmill.  Here is where the parents slept with the baby at the foot of their bed in the blue box. The people that lived here had 13 children.
Elder Robison looking at their only source of heat.
This is the land that flooded in 1953
The windmill was going to fast so he had to put in some of the sails. They said the fiction could cause a fire.
Tying back some of the sails
Climbing up the windmill to loosen the ropes on the sails.
Climbing up the windmill
They pump the water from one canal to another and then it goes thru these turbines and pumps it into the Lek River.
This is a mail carrier on her bike in a dress delivering mail.  This is for Jan Fisher.
Thought this was an interesting way to use old shoes.

This is their living room

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