Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mussels at the Mission Home

President and Sister Robinson invited us to the mission home for a farewell dinner.  Pres. Robinson's favorite is Mussels.  We had a delicious dinner with the office elders and the AP's.  Elders Neptune, Evans, Heinricks, Ames, Clement, Sister and Elder Robison and Sister and Pres. Robinson.

In the back of the mission home there is a canal with boats. We are standing on the dock. Elder and Sister Robison, Sister and Pres. Robinson, Elders Clement, Heinricks, Ames, Neptune and Evans.

The Pres. bought 4 kilos of mussels and after dinner they shelled them and divided them up.

Elder Robison, Pres. Robinson, Elders Ames, Heinricks, and Clement.

Elders Clement and Heinricks dividing up the salad.

The neighbors boats tied up to the dock in back of the mission home.

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