Friday, July 31, 2015

July Mission Leader Counsel

Our first Mission Leader Counsel with our new President Bunnell and his wife.  Elder Bonner,Nye,Childs,Neptune, Holt, Abankie,Torniainen, Argueta, Steenblik,Strikwerda,Zuster Watts, Fredrickson, Riley, Manning, Elder Schmidt, Zuster Mashburn, Elder Bernier, Zuster Maughn, Elder Lee, Ames, President & Zuster Bunnell, President Van de Putt.

Elder Bonner, Nye, Childs, Pres. & Zuster Bunnell, Zuster Maughn, Elder Strikwerda, Steenblik, Zuster Fredrickson,Elder Argueta, Abankie, Zuster Mashburn, Elder Bernier,Neptune, Zuster Riley, Watts,  Elder Schmidt, Zuster Manning, Elder Lee, Ames, Torniainen, Holt, and Pres. Van de Putt in front of the mission home.

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