Friday, July 31, 2015

Jeremy & Jax in Zaanse Schans

These are all the windmills that used to be in this area. There are 5 in Zaanse Schans.

This looks almost exactly like the clock I have from my Mother.

This is the Verkade Museum where they make chocolate and biscuits.

Jeremy and Jaclyn came to visit.

Jeremy playing a game of how many biscuits can you make.

Jaclyn and Jeremy

Jeremy with mom and dad.

Jeremy tries on his wooden shoes.

Very fancy carved wooden shoes.

The white ones are wedding shoes

This is how they make them starting with a block of wood.

Ending up with a shoe

This is a wall of wooden shoe slippers.
Wooden shoes hanging from the ceiling.

A demostration of how they are made.

More shoes on the ceiling

Jaclyn and Jeremy

Elder and Zuster Robison

Jeremy and Elder Robison

First warm Stroopwaffles

Cheese factory

Inside the sawmill windmill

There was no wind today so the windmill wasn't sawing logs.

Jaclyn, Elder Robison, and Jeremy

They push the logs into the water and transport them by boat.

Another clock that looks almost the same as my moms.

Jeremy posing with the windmills

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