Friday, July 31, 2015


Here is 1/4 of the line we stood in for 3 hours to get into the Anne frank House.  They won't let you take pictures.  It was very moving and we hope something like this doesn't happen again.

Here is the church the line went around.  Notice the flag at half mast.  It was for the plane that was shot down over the Ukraine a year ago. 

We went on a canal boat tour thru Amsterdam.

Lots of bridges

Elder Robison and Jeremy getting off the boat

Our Captain

If you look at the little white house about 4th from the left ,  it is in the middle of this hotel.  It was the only one who wouldn't sell so they built the hotel around it.

Jeremy and Elder Robison .  The hotel is across of the train station.  Most people don't even notice it unless it is pointed out to them.

Amsterdam Central Train Station

This is the sailing ship we saw on our canal trip.

Jaclyn and Jeremy enjoying our boat trip

After a busy day in Amsterdam a trip to the pannenkoeken house for dinner.  Fresh strawberries, whipped cream and ice cream.  Delicious . I could eat one every day.

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