Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lunch & Canal trip

Elder Robison, Elder and Sister Johnson, Elder and Sister Romig waiting for our canal tour of Leiden.  It was a great sunny and warm day. We had a great lunch.  

Elder and Sister Romig with two nice ladies who took our picture.

Sister and Elder Robison, & Sister Johnson.

Elder Robison and the Johnsons.

Elder and Sister Romig

Some of the bridges were so low we had to tuck our heads.

Bird houses on the side of this house boat.

These kids were swimming in the canal.

Nice plants

2 big boats in the harbor made Elder Robison miss his boat and wished he had it here.  We could go everywhere.

Getting a little crowded here in the centrum. This was on a thursday.  I wonder what the weekends are like.

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