Friday, July 31, 2015

American Cemetary in Margraten

We found out there is an American cemetary in Margraten.  It is close to Maastricht which is about 2 hours from Tilburg.  We decided to go see it and got caught in a giant traffic jam.  Our GPS said it would take us 1 hr 40 min.  It took us 4 hours. It is very beautiful here with rollings hills.

When we got there we signed the registry and found out the Romigs and Caldwells were there a few hours before us. They were going to a Andre Rieu concert in Maastricht.

A map of all the battles

There are 8,301 burials here from WWII.

The crosses are Christians, and the Stars are Jews.

They are perfectly set in long curves.  Very impressive.

The statue is of a grieving mother who lost her son. Within the tower is a chapel

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