Friday, July 31, 2015


Here is a lady hand painting a plate.

This is how you know if you Delft blue is real or not.Jeremy 

Jeremy and Jaclyn in the garden at the Delft Factory.

Elder and Zuster Robison

Jer with his delft shoes on with Jax

Zuster Robison with her delft shoes on.

Elder Robison on the top of the Delft Tower.  We climbed 370 stairs.

Jax and Jer

The view was great.  You could see Den Haag.

Rotterdam in the distance

Look out below
Could be Zoetermeer or Leiden

The bells inside the tower that play music and chime every half hour.

Jax, Jer, and Elder Robison after the climb.

Here is the tower looking up.  The stairs were very narrow and only 60 people could go up at a time.  You had to hug the pole in the middle of the stairs so others could get by you.  Good thing we are not so big.

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