Friday, July 31, 2015

July Zone Conference

First Zone Conference for the new President,  We had sloppy joes, potatoe salad, and Belgium chocolate chip cookies. Elders Bonner, Evan, Hunter, Ocampo, Stanger, Thom, Zuster Jensen, Hopkin, Kimmons and Elder Heinricks.

Zuster Doxey, Elder Davis, Lee, Zuster Cowles, Bradley, and Bunnell.

Elders Shelton, Bringhurst, Wooton, Henderson, Crowson, and Robison

Elder Clement, Argueta, Parr, Neptune, Ames and Nye.

Zuster Lemich and Mashburn with Elder Bishesar.

July birthdays:  Elder Davis, Stanger, Wooton, Henderson, And Zuster Doxey and Bunnell

Zuster Cowles leading the birthday song with Elder Heinricks

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