Friday, October 2, 2015

Taptoe Rotterdam

We took the train to Rotterdam with the Caldwells to the Taptoe Military Band concert.  We had some time to kill so we ate dinner at Vapianos, walked to the Markthal, and by these crazy apartments.

Waiting for the Metro to take us to Ahoy Stadium.  Elder Robison and Elder &Sister Caldwell.

They had bands from all over the world.

This band was from Canada.

These were from Scotland.

These were from Poland

This was the firefighters band

This was the US Marine Band

At the end they brought out all the bands.

The whole night everything was in dutch but the last song.  They had a girl singing in English.  I thought that was strange. The concert lasted 3 hours so we walked back to the train station.  The trains were packed.  We didn't realize that the trains don't run all night.  We caught the second to last train to Leiden.  We got home about 12:30.  If we would have missed the train, the next one would have been at 5 a.m. 

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