Sunday, October 25, 2015


Saturday we went to the Temple with Susan Anneveld and her friend Carolyn from America.  After we toured around the city of Delft.  This is a memorial to William of Orange. It is in the New Church where we climbed the tower with Jeremy and Jaclyn in July.

In this church the Royal Family is buried.  Where it is roped off they lift up the floor and the graves are in the basement.

While we were eating our fish and fries a parade came by with the chosen prince of Delft. 

This is the Old Church.

The stained glass was amazing.

In this church is where Johannes Vermeer is buried. He is a world famous painter.

This is inside the Prinsenhof Museum.  This is where William of Orange was shot and killed.  The bullet holes are still in the wall.

Canal outside the old church.

Leaves are turning.  Notice we have on our warm winter coats already.

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