Friday, October 2, 2015

Lunch in Leiden

For lunch we decided to go downtown Leiden because they were setting up for carnival and we wanted to check it out.  Elder Cook in front of a swing ride that goes all the way up the pole and swings around.

We went to Elder Yocom's sandwich shop.  It was delicious and cheap.  Elder Neptune AP and Elder Andrew finance.

Elder Cook financial and Elder Bonner our new AP.

The farris wheel is taller than  the windmill.

Day 2 lunch with Elder Bringhust and Greenie Elder Brunner, Elder Cook and Elder Robison.  We decided to get brautwurst.

Here he is frying them up on the street.  He cut them in half and put them on a hamburger bun with onions, mustard and ketchup.

Elders Cook, Brunner, Bringhurst and Robison standing in front of the supermouse.  It is like the spider ride at Lagoon.  I can't believe they spend all week setting these large ride up and they only use them for two days and then take them down and move to another city.

Elder Brunner has only been in the Netherlands for 4 days and is eating a herring.

The kids got in these balls which were on water and spun around in them.

This is like the catapult ride at Lagoon.

They had lots of rides like fun houses, terror rides, bumper cars, merry go rounds, slot machines, arcade games, musical express, kiddie cars, swings, lots of food booths.  They had set up a lot of stages for live bands.  I guess it is going to be crazy.  Glad we live far away so we won't hear all the noise. 

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