Thursday, October 1, 2015

Resistance Museum and Magnum in Amsterdam

We were going to the Resistance museum in Amsterdam by train and got to Schiphol Airport and had to get off the train because they were working on the tracks.  We had to get on a bus to the next stop and then back on the train to Amsterdam. We went with the office Elders Clement and Heinricks.

They had lots of exhibits and hands on things for kids.

This was a room where a young boy slept.

This was an airplane where you could pretend to fly.

Lunch with Elder Clement and Neptune

Elder Neptune and Elder Ames

Elder Heinricks and Elder Robison

Elder Robison looking over all the toppings to choose from.

Here is where you can design your own Magnum bar.

You can choose white, milk , or dark chocolate.

They put the toppings you pick in a cup, shake it up and pour it over the wet chocolate.

The wall has magnum sticks on it.

The line went out the door.

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