Thursday, October 1, 2015

Clearing out the Oegstgeest apartment

We finally found the office elders a new apartment closer in town so we needed to close the old one. We had been renting it for 22 years so alot of stuff was there.  We needed to take out everything, lights, curtain rods,carpet, flooring, and weed the yard.  This is a before picture.
This is the before front yard picture with Elder Robison

We rented a dumpster for all the stuff.

Here is Elder Clement throwing stuff off the roof to Elder Heinricks.

Somehow they got this love seat to the second floor.  The only way to get it out was to break it up.

Another view of the yard.

Still hard to get the couch down the stairs.  Tight squeeze.

Elders Clement and Heinricks saying goodbye to their favorite sleeping place - the attic.

President Van der Put taking the weed wacker to the front yard.

The same for the back yard.

Elder Robison with the trimmers.  It rained most of the day.

Elders Heinricks and Clement with the prunners.

This is the after.  You can see the chairs.

The after back yard with Elder Heinricks, Pres. Van der Put and Elder Robison.  Lots of hard work but we got it done.

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