Sunday, October 25, 2015

Institute Oct 7,2015

Hans Noot is our substitute teacher.

We had the largest group yet.  We had a young man from America, Jordan Wight bring a non member friend Jelle Dijkema from Haarlem.

Nikki Rozendaal gives his approval.

Benjamin taking a selfie.

Vincent, Abbie, Kevin, Heidi, Hana, Gail, Jordan, Jelle, Sisters Harris, Hopkin and Maughan, Pamela, Simeon, and Elder Robison

Benjamin, Hans Noot intern, and Nikki.

Hans Noot eating a banana.  I always try to have oranges, apples and bananas to snack on.

Getting ready for a group picture

Elder & Sister Robison, Hans,Jelle, Heidi, Jordan, Pamela, Simeon, Vincent, Gail, Benjamin, Hana, Sister Maughan, Kevin, Abbie, Sister Hopkin, Intern, Sister Harris, and Nikki.

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