Friday, October 2, 2015

12 New Elders

Sister Robison and Elder Ames selfie

Elder Johnson, Elder Neptune, Elder Meister  at the Pannenkoeken house

Elder Young, Elder Mostoller, Elder Johnson

Elder Morrow and Elder Brunner

Elder Andrew and Elder Morrow

Elder Robison, Elder Cook, and Elder Serra

Elder Young with his bacon and cheese pannenkoeken, and Elder Mostoller

Elder Neptune and Elder Meister

Elder Ames, Elder Evans, Elder Heinricks

Elder Brunner licking the plate clean

Powdered sugar on his nose

  1. Elder Ames in front of the wild mouse.  Leiden is getting ready for carnival.

Elders Stanworth, O'Loughlin, Young, Morrow, Johnson, Mostoller, Brunner, Ord, Torrie, Serra, Needham, and Meister

President and Sister Bunnell with the 12 new missionaries.

The old office elders, Clement, Neptune, Heinricks, Ames, and Evans.

President and Sister Bunnell, Sister Robison, Elders Clement, Neptune, Heinricks, Ames, Evans, and Robison.

Elder Ames, President and Sister Bunnell, Elder Neptune

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