Sunday, September 13, 2015

Last Day And Paleis Het Loo

We were about to embark on three centuries of Orange history.  Paleis Het Loo was built in 1686, commissioned by Stadholder Williem 111 and his wife Mary Stuart.  From then on, it was used by the Orange Stadtholders, Kings and Queens as their summer palace.

Elder and Sister Kleyn

If you look close the kids are making giant bubbles.

This man went around the pond playing music.  He was a one man band.  He had a player organ, trumpets, ect.

He even whistled.

Beautiful gardens and flowers

Sister Robison over looking the grounds

Elder Kleyn and Elder Robison chiilin while the wives looked at all the flowers. 
The wives were up top.

Williem 111 and Mary Stuart

The dinner table

The childrens play room

Their trophy wall

Some of the Royal carriages and cars.

This was Queen Wilhelmina's funeral coach.

Childs car

Buddy and Beryl Gout were in charge of the Camp and it was their anniversary.  The leaders here gave them a book.  Everyone had signed it and told them how great they are.  They were really surprised.

Here are all the leaders of the camp.  Tessa and Benjamin were two of our Jovos,

Elder Boom of the Seventy talked to us Saturday morning.

Here is the mess hall where we ate and had the dance and workshops in.

Elder Boom and his wife saying goodbye to everyone.

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