Friday, September 4, 2015

Dinner at the Gouts

After moving the Romigs into their apartment we were invited to dinner at Buddy and Beryl Gout.  They are the Young Single Adult advisors for our mission. It was Sister Karlson's birthday.  Elder Sosa, Sister Karlson, Elder & Sister Robison, Buddy Gout, Elder Romig, Sister Fredrickson, Sister Romig, grand daughter of the Gouts, Elder Da Silva.

Grand son of the Gouts.  He loved the missionaries.

Elder DaSilva, Elder Sosa, and the Gouts grandchildren.

Beryl and Buddy Gout

Sister Fredrickson and Sister Karlson

Sister Romig broke her foot so she got to use the stair lift.

We had a great taco dinner.

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