Friday, September 4, 2015

Jovo Camp

We spent a week at camp in the country near Hengelo. The 5 senior couples were there.  We slept in Deventer at the Kleyns which was about half hour away from camp. Here Elder Robison is playing foosball with Nikki Rozendaal a former missionary here.

They played a game where they had to race and pass a glass of water to fill a 2 litter bottle.
First they had to fill the glass.

Then empty it into these bottles.
Here they all have their white hats on.

We had a Family Home evening where everyone went from the pre-earth life to earth then die and go to be judged and then to heaven. I was dressed all in white with Elder Romig and Sister Butler.  We decided who went to earth.  We would tap them on the shoulder and say, " Now it is your time to go." They went to earth and were given a questionaire to fill out in 30 seconds with the others who were there to get to know everyone.  Then Elder Robison and Elder and Sister Kleyn who were dressed all in black would tap them on the shoulder.  They were the angels of death. Then they would wait in the hall till everyone was there.  Then Elder Romig and Sister Butler and I would welcome them into heaven.  They were then given another questionaire, a white pen, and a white surgical hat.  They were given all white refreshments. Here they got to know someone who they hadn't talked to before. Here they had 5 minutes.

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