Friday, September 4, 2015

Flower Parade

Before the flower parade they had an old car parade. President and Sister Bunnell came over and we had the best seats in the house  -  our Balcony.

They decorated their cars with flowers.  They export all the flowers from Holland here in Rijnsburg.  They have lots of warehouses full of flowers.  Semi trucks go in and out of there all day long. Its called Flora Holland.

They had a few floats.

Even a tour bus.

A few marching bands

Each float had a "flower" song playing.  This was Edelweis.

With the Von Trapp Family singers from Sound of Music

This song was "You never promised me a rose garden".

The float says another flower song and more.

These girls did tricks along the route.

After, they went thru the crowd for donations with lacrosse looking sticks..

This song was Sunflower

"Orange Blosum Special"

This song was "Tulpen uit Amsterdam "with all white tulips on it.

More old cars.

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