Sunday, September 13, 2015

Johnson's Apartment

The Johnsons finished their mission and we are not getting a new couple to replace them.  A local couple from Rotterdam will be taking their place with the Jovos.  So we had to close their apartment.

The owner told us that everything in the apartment was ours.  So we sent the dryer to Tilburg for the Sisters.  When the owners came to check us out they wanted to know where the dryer was.  So we had to get it back from Tilburg.  Here is Elder Childs carrying it up the stairs by himself.  The elevator broke down so we couldn't use it.

We had sent to office Elders to Tilburg with a load and had to call them to bring it back.

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  1. Our son leaves the MTC on Sept. 28. How soon can we ship a package to the mission home for him? Do we ship sheets/pillowcase so he doesn't have to wait until p-day to buy them? We have tried to call the mission home and haven't been able to reach a live person. Thanks for your help!