Sunday, September 13, 2015

Day 2 Workshops and games

We had workshops in the morning.

This class was taught by the APs, Elder Ames and Elder Neptune

Everyone was assigned a secret friend.  They put an information paper in your pocket that had your picture on it.  You had to do something nice for them each day.

Elder Kleyn was always wearing a tie.

Breakfast was always bread, cheese and meat.  With yogurt and juice or milk. They also had cereal and sometimes they had fla (which is like pudding)..  They also had peanut butter and jam.

Here are the APs Elder Ames and Neptune with Elder Evans girlfriend Judith.  Elder Evans works in the office with us.

Nikki Rozendaal with the Aps.  He served in our mission and was released a few months ago. He lives in Almere.

We played games in the afternoon.

Elder Robison on his first try popped a balloon that was hooked to a tarp. 

I was taking pictures and didn't see it.  I thought he barely hit the target on the top.

He is showing the balloon he popped.  It was funny because the teacher of this class and another guy had brought their own bows and arrows.  They tried and tried to pop them but couldn't.

Volleyball was also a favorite with those at camp.

Lunch time.  Same as breakfast with a few other choices.

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