Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Years

The oliebollen truck getting ready for the day. They usually have two people working but today they have six. An oliebol is a traditional dutch food sort of like a dumpling, deep fryed with powdered sugar on top. They are eaten on New Years Eve.

This was the line when we got home at 3:00.  We waited in line but they ran out.

These are the Johnsons.They are from Taylorsville. She emigrated to the US when she was 19 so she speaks really good dutch.  They are serving in Rotterdam working with the Young Adults.We went out to dinner to a chinese restraunt and she ordered for us. It was alot easier with her there. I miss Joy Luck.

When we left, the restaurant gave us a New Years preasant, chop sticks .  They are really fancy so we gave the Johnson one of the pairs. They came in a nice wooded box.

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