Sunday, January 25, 2015

Den Haag outing

We had such a good time with the senior couples we decided to go to Den Haag and hang out with the Romigs.  We even rode in an OTIS elevator. Notice the ground level is 0. It rode very rough and Elder Robison wanted to adjust it.

The Romigs helped us get a chipkaart.  You load money on it and then you can ride the trams and buses and trains.  We are on a tram. You scan your card when you get on and when you get off. If you forget it charges you to the end of the line.

We ate lunch in this pizza and pasta place overlooking the centrum. You tell them what you want and they cook it fresh while you wait. 
It was so cold that the birds were standing on the ice.

These are the flags by the Parliament building.

The men in front of the Parliament building.

The womens turn 
Inside the square. Notice the new building on the right.

We went to the Mauritshuis Museum. This is one of the 2 principal small museums in the world.




Of course we needed to check out the round elevator.

Notice all the new buildings behind the old ones.

We heard about these and yes they are in the town square.

Just posing for a picture.

Brothers having a good laugh.

Now that is a big bucket of chicken. 

Waiting for the tram to go home.  We had a great time and hope to do this again soon.

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