Monday, January 12, 2015

Brugge, Belgium

We had to do some apartment inspections in Belgium. We left at 6am and arrived at 8 am.  We went to Merksem, Deurne, Wilrijk, Sint Niklaas, Lokeren, Gent, and Brugge. We did 7 apartments and got to our hotel at 3pm. 

This is the centrum in Brugge.  Lots of cool old buildings. They had an ice and snow festival here.  We missed it by two days.  They were taking it down. You can still see the snow on the other side of the fence.
It was really cold and windy.  We walked around for about an hour.

The streets were incredible.

This is the other side of the steepel. We were inside the church grounds.

This is some more of the snow festival. I bet it was incredible. The theme was "The land of the Hobs" inspired by the Hobbit. There were dwarves, elves, fairies, hunters, magicians and devilish figures in a world that is as fantastic as it is mysterious.

We found a warm place to eat.  Of course we had to have a belgium waffle and some apple pie.

Our hotel was really nice.  It was the Van Der Valk Hotel Brugge - Oostkamp.  They still had all their Christmas stuff up.  We had a nice breakfast there and then we were off to check out the apartments in Brugge and Kortrijk.  Kortrijk is really close to France. Its about 2 hours to Paris. I think we were there when all the trouble was happening in Paris.

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