Sunday, January 25, 2015

New missionaries

After an all night flight Zuster Harris, Zuster Romney, Elder Wooton and Elder Tolman are exhausted and fell asleep in the office.  They got here at 8am which is midnight Utah time.

Elder Wooton gave up and finally laid down.

We woke them up and went to the pannekoken house for lunch. This is Elder Robison's warm cheeries, ice cream and whipped cream pannekoken.  It is like a giant crepe. 

Elder Johnson showing off his lunch.

After lunch we took the famous Windmill picture. Zuster Ramirez is from Argentina and met us for lunch.  She was at the MTC in Spain and came in at a different time. She only speaks spanish so luck has it we have a spanish speaking Sister Jarmillo from Aruba.  She will teach her dutch and english. 

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