Sunday, June 21, 2015

Spijkenisse Senior Outing

We had a great meeting hearing the testimonies of our new senior couple the Caldwells, and from those couples going home in July, the Romigs and the Johnsons and of course President and Sister Robinson.  We also heard from Pres. Boom who is one of the Area Seventies serving in Europe. Sister and Elder Butler,Pres. and Sister Robinson, Sister and Pres. Boom, Elder and Sister Kleyn.

Elder and Sister Romig, Elder and Sister Johnson, Elder and Sister Romig 

If you look real close,  they are wind surfing.  There were tons of them.

We went to the Deltapark, Neeltje Jans.  This is an artificial island that was constructed in the 1960s.  In 1953 they had a huge storm that flooded the Netherlands.  The water reached a record height of 4.5 meters above sea level.  Most of Holland is below sea level.  1800 people died and 72,000 had to be evacuated.  Here is where they built the storm surge barriers and dikes to protect the low lying areas. They had a seal show here but we got there too late.
They even had a water park.  Notice we all have on out coats and the kids here are running thru the water in their swimsuits.

We took a boat ride around the Delta Works.  Elder Robison and Sister and Elder Johnson.

Elders and Sisters Romig

Sister and Elder Kleyn

Elder Butler, Sister and Elder Van Dam, and Sister Butler.

Elder and Sister Robison

Sister and Elder Caldwell and all the Romigs

Sister and Pres. Robinson, Pres. Van de Put
The poles are where the storm surge barrier is.  You can drive your car on top of it.

Sister and Elder Kleyn

The sea on the left and the protected side on the right.

The Sea

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