Thursday, June 11, 2015

May 26th , 5 new missionaries

Lunch at the Panenkoeken House with the office Elders and the New 5 Elders , APs and President and Sister Robinson.

Elder Bosco, Le Duc and Evans.

Elder Neptune, Roberts, Groesbeck, Heinricks and Sister Robinson.

APs Elder Bosco and Elder Neptune

Elder Robison is in heaven.  They finally have strawberries.

Elder Roberts

Elder Groesbeck

Elder Drinkwater

Elder Vanfleet

Elder LeDuc.  He is one of our visa waiters.  He has been serving in Syracuse, New York since January , where our son Jeremy lives. They never met but were in the same stake.

Elder LeDuc, Vanfleet, Drinkwater, Roberts and Groesbeck.

Elder Neptune, President Robinson, and Elder Bosco

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