Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Burgerz in Scheveningen

This was my Jamaican burger with bacon, onion rings, and mango sauce.

Elder Robisons burger with mozzarella cheese.

Elder and Sister Romig, Bro. Moomey, Elder & Sister Johnson, Sister Moomey, Elder Moomey, and Elder Robison.  Elder Moomey went home and then came back with his parents to visit and tour around.

Scheveningen Harbor

Elder and Sister Romig and the Moomeys

The glass building on the left is where we ate with the Van Dams and Butlers.

Elder and Sister Johnson, Elder Romig, Elder Moomey, Sister Romig and Sister and Elder Robison.
Our nephew Mike would always call Elder Robison  "Skippy" so this ones for you.

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