Sunday, June 21, 2015

FHE Salsa Style

This was our last FHE until fall.  The Jovos wanted to take a break for the summer.  Usually we have 2 or 3 people.  Just mention salsa dancing and we had 20.  
We had good green salad with poppy seed dressing, rolls,  and strawberry short cake for dinner.

Vincent and Daphne taught us.

Benjamin and Marijke

Christina and Simeon

Gail and Ezra

Tessa and Benjamin

Vincent and Marijke

Vincent and Eliza (she is an investigator)

Benjamin and Shelly

Vincent and Tessa

Shelly, Daphne, Benjamin, Gail, Vincent, Ezra, Christina,Tesssa, Sister Doxey, Sister Mashburn, Elder Taggert, Eliza, Elder Eby, Marijke, Elder Parr, and Elder Frisby.

Benjamin, Shelly, Daphne, Simeon, Gail, Vincent, Ezra, Sister Doxey, Tessa, Sister Mashburn, Elder Taggert, Eliza, Elder  Eby, Marijke, and Elder Frisby.  They all had a great time.  The Sisters even danced with each other and so did the Elders.  Some one mentioned that Elder Taggert and Elder Eby should be the dancing Elders to go along with the singing Elders.

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